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Datapop 3.0 tunes to soothe your soul

Kevin Kelly

We're in the relative calm before the PAX East storm, and to tide over your insatiable hunger for gaming related news and whimsicalities, we present you with some of the sights and sounds of Datapop 3.0. The chiptunes-based concert played its third iteration at SXSW last week, and included acts like The Mysterious H, Sievert, Nullsleep, IAYD, Hally, Random, Bit Shifter, nordloef, Talk to Animals, Starscream, Henry Homesweet, 8BK-ok, Sabrepulse vs. Saskrotch, Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours, Anamanaguchi, and Trash80, with eyeball-blasting, pixelicious artwork provided by Jean Y. Kim, Omeros, Paris, and outpt.

You can check out part of Nullsleep's set with visuals by Omeros and Jean Y. Jim in the video above, and then treat your ears to a snippet of Sievert's tunes at the bottom of this post. He actually pumped out a cover of Bit Shifter's famous "Reformat the Planet," but our mouth was on the ground for most of that one. Not only because he rocked it, but because he played the slot before Bit Shifter. That'd be like an opening group rocking out Green Day's "American Idiot" before they took the stage. Ballsy. Treat your ears, and get reading for some PAX-ing.

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