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Found Footage: Apple vs. Predator


Molly Wood of "Buzz Out Loud" issued a call earlier this week to make an Apple vs. Predator video and YouTube user Kelvington stepped up to the challenge. The video shows that the Predators invented the "slide to unlock" feature circa 1987 and are pissed that Steve Jobs stole their idea. However, instead of ripping Steve's spine out, the video mocks that things are "about to get litigious."

One cool thing about the video is that it shows other clips of iPad and multitouch tech in past movies and TV shows like Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Minority Report. It's always interesting to remember that while some sci-fi movie tech is based on actual applied science, sci-fi can spur the imagination of scientists and technologists to create technologies that were once only in the domain of science fantasy fiction.

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