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Get caught up in this Monday Night Combat 'Crossfire' trailer


Monday Night Combat sort of came out of the blue when it was announced earlier this year. At the time, we were impressed by the game's visuals and the promise of class-based shooter action all contained in a bite-sized XBLA form factor. Now, a new trailer has been released and, thankfully, the gameplay is more complex than it appeared at first glance. The mode showcased in the trailer, called "Crossfire," plays out something like a capture the flag or king of the hill mode with a few twists. Each side attempts to breach its opponents' defenses and destroy their "Money Ball" in order to win the match. In order to do this, players upgrade their abilities, place defensive turrets and push through with the help of AI-controlled robots. The trailer shows off several different classes, including a deadly sniper, lithe assassin/scout and a 'heavy' wearing some mean looking mech armor.

Unfortunately, the trailer fails to answer the most important question about Crossfire mode: Will you get caught up in it?

[Via XBLA Ratings]

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