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IGG introduces vampire MMO Moonlight Online


Have you been dying to recreate your favorite scenes from the Twilight series? Well me neither, but I would like to fly around kicking butt and avoiding the sunlight. This is good, being that IGG announced Moonlight: Online today. Players will soon be able to control Vampire characters as they jump, fly and climb through supernatural environments that will be rendered using a cutting edge game engine. Players have also been promised that the game will feature plenty of outlets for their creativity. Could this mean the game will feature a lot of customization for characters?

The game will also feature the ability to create and destroy entire empires with superpower abilities, all while declaring war on the Werewolves! Sounds to us like a pretty nice combination of pale, powerful and destructive -- just like we like it. Details are promised over the next weeks and months, so keep en eye out here. The game is slated for release at the end of 2010.

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