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Lawsuit claims GameStop 'misleads consumers' about bonus DLC with used games


GameStop must have known that those download vouchers for free DLC with new copies of games -- what EA calls "Project Ten Dollar" would be trouble for its business at some point. It probably didn't suspect it would be this kind of trouble.

A customer named James Collins, after buying a used copy of Dragon Age and finding himself unable to access the game's free bonus DLC ("The Stone Prisoner," above), has filed a class-action suit against the company, for "fraudulently, unfairly, unlawfully, and deceptively [misleading] consumers at the time of their purchase to believe that the game comes with free downloadable content when, in fact, it does not," effectively duping customers into paying more for a "complete" used game than for a new copy.

In addition, GameStop's seven-day return window, the lawsuit claims, gives consumers insufficient time to discover they lack access to the DLC. A copy of the complaint can be perused at IGN.

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