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Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo in April, retail release now May 11


Capcom has announced that a multiplayer demo for Lost Planet 2 will arrive on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on April 21 and 22, respectively. The demo will feature the Turbulent Jungle map and allow up to 16 players to duke it out online and track their stats. If you'd rather not wait until late April, Capcom has also announced it will be giving the demo away to its "most avid fans" starting next Wednesday, March 31. The press release doesn't say how or when the company will hand out the "community-distributed voucher codes" for the demo, though we'd say it's probably a good idea to keep your eyes on Capcom-Unity.

Finally, fans will definitely want to snag the demo, as it will unlock the Machine Gun SP -- which fires three shot bursts -- in the full version. Speaking of the retail release, Capcom has also announced that Lost Planet 2 will now launch on May 11, a week earlier than originally planned. The PC version will release this fall.

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