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One Shots: A strange escort

While Ryzom may not have the largest game population out there, they do have a passionate group of players who enjoy all the unique and interesting things that the world of Atys has to offer them. Today, we have another interesting tale sent in to us by Steven K. who likes to keep us up to date on his adventures in Ryzom. He writes in:

"I was out hunting with a few guildmates, when we stumbled across these odd creatures. Totally docile herbivores, trying to eke out an existence amongst the nasty Kitin that continue to terrorize the local grazing population. The most peculiar thing was that they surrounded me, as if to guard me, and continued to do so for the entire afternoon. I made the decision at that point to not hunt these creatures, regardless of the potential benefit their hides and bones might bring me."

Are you spending time in a game we may not see that often? Would you like to tell people about your adventures? Why not take a few minutes, grab a screenshot, and send it in to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com! Make sure you include your name and the name of the game along with your screenshot and story. Also please ensure your image is at least 1024px wide and has no visible UI elements. Your story may be featured next here on One Shots.

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