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Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt share a coffee


Wonders never cease.

Gizmodo has posted photos of what appears to be Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt sharing a coffee in Palo Alto. What's significant is that the photo was supposedly taken today.

Gizmodo's tipster supposedly overheard Jobs say, "They're going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it," (this in reference to web content, the tipster notes) and, "Let's go discuss this somewhere more private."

The public, rapid deterioration of the relationship between Jobs and Schmidt (and on a larger scale, Apple and Google) has been the talk of the tech world in recent weeks. You'll remember that Schmidt joined Apple's board in 2006, and that Google had a hand in the original iPhone's Map app. Since then, Google released Chrome OS and the Android phones, generating an obvious conflict of interest. Last year, Schmidt resigned from Apple's board for that very reason.

Recently, Jobs has shared harsh words for his former collaborator with Apple employees and (allegedly) Schmidt himself.

So, these shots of the two titans enjoying a drink in sunny Palo Alto is unexpected to say the least. Of course, we aren't entirely sure that some aspect of the meeting wasn't staged. First of all, Steve is very recognizable in his "uniform," and the two men are outside. It's not uncommon to see celebrities in California, of course, but this is like Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez sharing a scorpion bowl.

What Eric Schmidt didn't realize was that BOTH drinks were spiked with iocane powder. Steve has built up an immunity.

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