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Twelve iPhone apps for students


It's been a while since we were in school, but with spring break almost done with, it's time to settle back into that last long stretch of school before it warms up and summer starts. You've got your handy iPod touch or iPhone with you on campus, and of course, you'll download some games, music, and apps that help you figure out where to go Saturday night, but there are also dozens of useful apps for the college student that are sure to be beneficial to you and your education. Here's twelve good ones to check out.

Chemical Touch Lite
College chemistry is never easy, and students will be required to memorize the periodic table of elements and use chemistry mathematical formulas. Chemical Touch Lite will let you do exactly that -- it has a fully interactive periodic table of elements, as well as information on all of the elements and their symbols. It won't guarantee you an A, but it will help you remember Au (and all of the other elements you need to know).

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New Oxford American Dictionary
College brings with it an entirely new vocabulary. This iPhone app will help you learn all of these new words and will make looking them up easier than when using a traditional dictionary. This $19.99 application will allow you to search for entries by name, bookmarks, and dictionary entries. It will also help to ensure correct pronunciation by playing an audio clip of the words.

You are sure to have plenty of homework in college and will need something to help you keep track of it and all of the various due dates. This iPhone app allows you to view assignments by course, day, or week. Once assignments have been handed in, they can be checked off and you can also monitor your progress. This $0.99 app will also allow you to store you teacher's information you can contact them easily for questions or extensions.

Mental Case
This iPhone app allows you to download flashcards from FlashcardExchange or create them on a Mac computer and sync them to your iPod Touch or iPhone. Then anytime you want to study those flashcards, just pull up this $7.99 app and let the flashcard slideshow play.

This iPhone app will put all of Shakespeare's works right in your pocket. This free application will make studying Shakespeare easier and more convenient.

Alarm Clock Pro
Late nights and early classes can make it hard to get up every morning. However, Alarm Clock Pro will not only help you get up on time, but it also turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a digital alarm clock. For just 99 cents, it also has a built-in flashlight and allows you to use your iTunes playlist as the alarm's buzzer.

This Arthur Clarke award-winning app will help with college astronomy classes and it makes for a great conversation starter. Starmap helps you find and locate planets, constellations, and shooting star zones in the sky at night. This $11.99 iPhone app maps 150 galaxies, 350,000 visible stars, deep sky objects, and more. You can also adjust star and sky brightness and zoom in on what you are gazing at.

This iPhone app will allow students take an inventory of everything they bring with them to school. You can add new items as you acquire them. This $4.99 app will help you keep track of what's yours so you never have to worry about labeling everything again.

Since you are now in college, you most likely have a budget that you need to stick to carefully. This iPhone app will help you do this by allowing you to input your monthly budget and then you can start tracking all expenses. That way, you can figure out what you are doing with your budget with just a few taps. It's a $2.99 app, but worth every ... well, you know.

This app will allow you to keep in touch with your family and friends back home, as well as the new friends you have made at school. This excellent free app allows you to use all Facebook tools, just like you would be able to on your desktop computer or laptop.

Air Sharing
This app allows you to wirelessly connect to any PC, MAC, or Linux computer. With this $2.99 app, you will not have to worry about forgetting your notes, or other important things you have on your computer. Just simply pull up the app and you will have everything on your computer right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This is also great for study sessions when you forget to print out your notes.

Do you ever wonder if you will need to grab a jacket or a sweater before heading out of the dorm? If so, this $2.99 app will answer that question for you. This app will provide you with a weather forecast so you will know what the temperature is and whether any precipitation is expected.

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