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Wind Mobile lights up towers in Ottawa, Canada


Wind Mobile launched today in Ottawa, Canada and we were there to help celebrate and learn a little more about its plans for the near future. On hand were CEO Ken Campbell (right), Chairman Anthony Lacavera, and Chief Marketing Officer Scott Campbell (not pictured) extolling the virtues of a contract-free cellular experience. So what does Wind have in store for Ottawans? The plans are simple, $15 Chat, $35 Always Talk, and $45 Always Shout for voice, plus $35 unlimited data for BlackBerry and Mobiles, and a $55 plan for data sticks -- data plans are subject to a fair use policy. We've seen the sets before, but let's review, shall we? The BlackBerry Bold 9700, the Samsung Gravity 2, Huawei U7519, and the HTC Maple are all on offer, and CEO Ken Campbell mentioned that number should double in the next six months -- and should include some Android and lower-end candybars. Wind Mobile has now set up shop in four Canadian cities -- Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver in June -- including Ottawa and combined with its roaming agreements and $150 porting credit is on its way to truly offering a viable alternative to the big three. We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing more soon. Gallery of the festivities is right after the break.

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