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WoW Moviewatch: The Life and Times of Wilfred Fizzlebang


The Life and Times of Wilfred Fizzlebang is Mushanga's entry into Alienware's Rise to Power contest. Don't doubt yourself if the name seems familiar, because this notorious gnome is firmly rooted in WoW's raiding lore. Mushanga has breathed new life into the story of Wilfred, and laid the entire saga out in front of you.

Mushanga's ability to create interesting scenes with rapid-pace narrative continues to amaze me. His knack for slapping jokes in the right place and setting up skillful transitions are amazing. The Life and Times of Wilfred Fizzlebang is a fun and hilarious movie.

The characterization of Wilfred was spot-on. This is exactly how I picture a demonic megalomaniacal gnome would come into being, and everything about the story fits that mold. The voice acting for Wilfred was probably the best "madman gnome" I've heard. Overall, this was just a solid movie, and a lot of fun to watch.

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