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No more reservations available for iPad launch day


If you were planning on reserving an iPad for pickup at an Apple Store on April 3rd, you're out of luck.

Reservations, both in-store and online, ended on Friday. According to TUAW reader Travis, who sent us the tip early Saturday, an Apple sales associate mentioned told him Apple had to shut down reservations since they have no product left between pre-orders and reservations that have already been made. Apparently Apple believes that they may get a 10% bump in extra product at the stores for launch day, but that may be wishful thinking.

For those of you who were procrastinating, your best bet at getting an iPad in the near future may be to show up at an Apple Store just before 3 PM on April 3rd. At that point in time, the stores will release any iPads that were reserved, but not picked up. Your other alternative is to make an online order for an iPad for delivery by April 12th.

[Thanks for the tip, Travis!]

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