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One Shots: This one is for Omicron Theta

While we love to show off what players are doing in their favorite games, it's also nice from time to time to give you a look at what various members of the Massively staff are playing as well. Today's excellent One Shots comes to us from Kyle Horner, who has been spending time in Star Trek Online, as he really digs all things Star Trek! He writes in to explain the scene for those of us who may not have encountered this being as yet: "This would be the Crystalline Entity in Star Trek Online, which is something of a major pain to take down. It's completely possible for a group of players to actually never beat this Fleet Action, making it the sort of thing you take experienced guild members into."

From big to small MMOs, we love to see them all! Of course, it takes readers like you to send in their screenshots to keep One Shots going. If you'd like to contribute, it's really easy to do. Just take a great screenshot in your favorite MMO, making sure it's at least 1024px wide and has no visible UI, and email it in to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com. Be sure to include your name, the name of the game, and your story -- guild and server or other details are welcome too. Yours could be one of the next pictures featured!

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