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Oregon Scientific debuts solar-powered weather station and projection clock

Darren Murph

Oregon Scientific only introduces a few new products each year, so when we heard that a new pair were making their debut, we couldn't help but take notice. Unfortunately for those in favor of fantastic overhauls, you won't find a whole lot here to cheer about; for those that can appreciate subtle but satisfying updates, you might just be in heaven. Up first is the new +ECO Solar Projection Clock, which is equipped with a detachable solar panel and an integrated projector that beams the time out onto a nearby wall. Second, we've got the Helios Weather Station, also outfitted with a built-in solar panel; it's designed to forecast the weather in your location for the next dozen hours, and it'll also spit out indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity readings in up to three locations around your abode. We're told that the former will be available for an undisclosed amount next month, while the latter can be snapped up now for $54.99

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+ECO Solar Projection Clock

The +ECO Line continues to expand with the introduction of the +ECO Solar Projection Clock. The detachable solar panel can be removed from the clock and placed in the sun to recharge the batteries. The clock projects the time onto a nearby wall, so you can see the time no matter where you are sitting in the room. This product, which will be available in May, is also equipped with an alarm and calendar function. (Available May 2010)

Helios Solar Weather Station

The Helios Weather Station is one of the latest products from Oregon Scientific to come equipped with a built-in solar panel. The battery life of the unit is extended by using energy from the solar cells, meaning that consumers don't have to plug it into a wall or replace the batteries. The product forecasts the weather in your location for the next 12 hours, and also gives indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity readings in up to 3 locations around your home. You can learn more about the features here. (Available Now)

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