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PSA: Activate Bad Company 2's M-COM stations early to avoid picking up kits


DICE informed us at PAX East that it will continue to support its hit title Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with patching -- however, one thing it won't "fix" is players accidentally picking up kits from corpses when trying to activate M-COM stations in rush mode. With millions of copies sold so far, the kit kerfuffle is a problem we've consistently heard and experienced. Little did we know that there's been a remedy to the issue all along, as Bad Company 2 producer Gordon Van Dyke told us that players can press the M-COM activation button early. He expressed that BC2 players should spread the word.

It turns out that if players hold the M-COM activation button (example: the B button on Xbox 360) before the prompt displays, they'll be able to initiate (or deactivate) the station once in range. This avoids the frustration of picking up kits off the stacks of bodies that inevitably pile up next to the boxes. It's a rather simple solution to one of the most frustrating elements in the excellent multiplayer shooter.

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