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First Look: iMockups for iPad


Developers often carry around notebooks, which they use to sketch out their brilliant ideas for the next million-dollar iPhone or iPad app. The folks over at Endloop, a Canadian iPad development company with a few projects under its figurative belt, have been "coding like madmen" recently for their latest product, iMockups for iPad.

The idea behind iMockups is to give devs a way to quickly create wireframes and layouts for iPad, iPhone, and web apps. Any project can have multiple sketchbook pages associated with it, and developers can quickly add elements from a pad at the side of the screen.

Details about the app are very sketchy (no pun intended), so there's no word on when the app will be released to the App Store, what the price will be, or if there is any way to export or print the mockups that are created. However, iMockups looks like a good tool for those of you who are tired of carrying around that sketchbook, pencil, and eraser for capturing your app ideas.

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