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Is The Old Republic heading to Xbox 360?


Is the Force so strong with BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic that it may accomplish what many MMORPGs promise yet could not do: to come out on a console as well as the PC? According to an internal Xbox 360 release list procured by VG247, TOR is listed as one of the upcoming titles (with a release date of "TBC-2011") for the 360.

While several MMORPG developers state that a console version of their title is in the works for a future release (and in many cases, fail to realize it), BioWare certainly has an exceptional track record of bringing their past RPGs to both PC and consoles, including the first Knights of the Old Republic and their recent Mass Effect 2. Speculation about a possible console version of TOR has run rampant since the game's announcement. Back in 2008, EA's Frank Gibeau hinted at it saying, "We're definitely looking at the opportunity to bring the MMO experience to console, without question."

True or not, a console presence for TOR would definitely be a great boon for EA, and an opportunity to grasp a larger share of the subscriber market.

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UPDATE: Sean Dahlberg on the TOR forums said today that TOR is currently being made for PC only: "Star Wars: The Old Republic is currently being developed for the personal computer (PC) using the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. While we recognize that there are other operating systems and platforms available for games today, our development is specific to the personal computer using the Windows operating system at this time."

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