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Kenwood AS-iP70 converges picture frame, alarm clock, FM radio and iPhone dock into one

Vlad Savov

We know, you've seen enough iDevice docks to make your eyes bleed with frustration, but if your bedside table is growing a bit cluttered with all the appendages and chargers you have lying around, you might wanna check this one out. Kenwood's 7-inch AS-iP70 can serve as a picture viewer, a music player, an alarm clock, or an FM radio, while also packing USB and SD card inputs for alternative media sources. All in all, it looks quite slick and has plenty of buttons to play around with, but be warned that its 800 x 480 resolution is intended for pictures only, there's no video playback to be had. If that and the ¥25,000 sticker (about $270, launching in Japan this April) have you running scared, you might want to check out Sony's cheaper, AVI-playing alternative right over here. More pictures of Kenwood's new hotness can be found at the source.

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