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Microsoft's Major Nelson Gamercard cracked by hacker [update]


Microsoft podcaster and Xbox spokesperson Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb's Gamercard has fallen victim to a hacker (or hackers) sometime this evening. A quick check on reveals the account is still being affected right now (though we have to imagine someone over in Redmond is hard at work on a fix) has been fixed.

Hryb's account info was altered to reflect some ... rather offensive pejoratives, and images from Kotaku reveal an odd spam statement ("ANY ACCOUNT $100 PAYPAL!!!!!!!!"). A website by the name of "LiGHTzz" has a video that proclaims responsibility for the hacking and even offers up a YouTube video advertising his services to others -- the name Yasiel Rodriguez, a resident of Miami, Fl., is registered to the domain name in question.

We've contacted Microsoft regarding the matter and will keep you updated on a response (discussed a bit by Xbox's Stephen Toulouse on Twitter, in the meantime). Proceed with caution after the break to see the NSFW image if you wish -- we'd suggest against it.

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