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WoW Moviewatch: Enchants Are A Girl's Best Friend


Gigi and BloodveinMovies recently released a new collaborative video, Enchants Are A Girl's Best Friend. Gigi had actually recorded and released this song many months ago, and Bloodvein later created a machinima-style music video to go along with it.

I enjoyed Gigi's departure from rap videos. While I know she might return to those soon enough, I was glad to see her expanding her repertoire, and putting some proof out there that she can perform in other styles. The lyrics themselves were okay, and I think she did a decent job of getting enchanting-related language to fit the poetry of the well-known song from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Since Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend is most well-known for its performance by Marilyn Monroe, I think Bloodvein did a solid job of recreating a Monroe-like feel for this video. There's something to be said for the shout out to a stage performer, and Bloodvein handled the material well.

I'm not sure about the advertisements and plugs before the video started, though. While nothing about them intrinsically bothered me, they took up nearly fifty seconds of a six minute video. That's a pretty steep entry barrier for an audience who isn't highly motivated to watch the movie, and I wonder if it kept some people from checking out the entirety.

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