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Xsyon working towards release

The last time we heard from the development team in charge of upcoming indie sandbox post-apocalyptic MMO, Xsyon, they had planned to let players in prior to launch in small groups. The primary reason was to allow the developers enough time to test, then let another group in, and repeat. Staggering the pre-order invitations to ensure they had bugs fixed sounded like a wise move to us.

Now, in the most recent posting to that thread, the current plans are to let the remaining players in to get their hands on Xsyon starting this upcoming Wednesday. From there, they'll focus on fixing the last of the bugs and hopefully testing for two weeks. At that time, they intend to do the final wipe and then let players have their pre-order week.

With that said, developer Jordi Grau Davis did note on the forums that this period could take longer than currently anticipated. After all, you never really know when it comes to bugs. For those of you who have pre-ordered, don't worry -- your two free months of game time won't start until the final wipe occurs.

We're glad to see the team at Notorious Games being so open and dedicated to bug-fixing. It's all about giving players the best possible experience at launch. Fierce dedication to keeping your players as happy as possible makes all the difference in the world.

[Thanks, Inferno3387!]

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