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Age of Conan's Shrines of Bori goes live

Jef Reahard

Funcom has officially released Update 1.07 for its Age of Conan fantasy MMORPG. The sword and sorcery title, based on the literary works of the late Robert E. Howard, now features a new guild-based PvP challenge known as the Shrines of Bori that allows players and guilds to capture and defend both shrines and resources in the lawless Border Kingdoms.

In addition, the patch features new PvP levels, Tier 2 PvP gear, and an Expansion Teaser Event called 'The Silver Atrium' that allows players to battle spies, assassins, and various scum and villainy from the far east in preparation for the upcoming Rise of the Godslayer expansion.

Finally, Funcom has added a new regional fast travel system accessible via new wagoneer NPCs in major quest hubs and outposts, as well as various game system tweaks including mini-game XP, GUI optimizations, and a laundry list of bug fixes.

The much-anticipated Offline Character Progression system did not make it in to patch 1.07. Senior Community Manager Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz states that "there are some adjustments that need to be done to this new system first. But we didn't want to hold back the entire Update 1.07 so we decided to exclude it and deploy all the other fixes and additions for our players to enjoy. You can expect the Offline Character Progression System to be part of a future update."

Check out the full Update 1.07 patch notes here.

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