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First Look: Game Table for the iPad


Here's some screenshots for another upcoming iPad app called Game Table. The app brings Checkers, Chess, and various card games onto Apple's tablet with detailed graphics and an "intuitive" interface -- the developers claim it's like carrying full board games around with you, but without all the little pieces and doodads.

Unfortunately, that also means that you don't actually "play" any games on the device -- it's just a series of boards and interactive pieces for them, so it's up to you as the player to determine how you want to actually move them around. That could be either a benefit (if you have a weird variation of poker or chess that you like to play that wouldn't normally be found in a mobile game, there you go) or a hindrance, if you'd rather your board game action be a little bit more guided. But the price is right -- the Game Table is set to release for just 99 cents. Game Table will be available on the App store at launch.

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