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iGrip mount brings inductive charging to your windshield (video)

Tim Stevens

At CES this past January we took a look at a number of high-end concept dashboards destined to fill up the insides of the car of the future. One of those concepts, from Visteon, even had an inductive pad upon which you could throw your phone and have it charged up by the time you got where you're going. Cool, but it doesn't do those of us driving the car of the present much good. The iGrip could, based on WildCharge tech and installable into any car, so you can just insert your handset into this windshield mount and get juice on the go -- if it's wearing the appropriate WildCharge-compatible case, of course. That's the idea anyway, but rather sadly this too is just a concept that may or may not ever make it to production, so don't throw away that tangle of car adapters just yet.

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