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iPad game announcements out early and often


The trickle of iPad games released last week has now become a flood of iPad software news. Everybody is climbing over themselves to get the word out there about launch titles. Mobile Entertainment has what's probably the biggest news: another new swarm of titles has been found in the App Store's database, including iPad versions of the popular Fieldrunners and Flick Fishing games. Fieldrunners is a little more expensive than the iPhone version, at US$7.99, while Flick Fishing is one the few iPhone games keeping its price, logging in at $2.99.

Words with Friends HD has also been announced, and it looks excellent -- big, bright, and beautiful on the iPad's screen. The extra space also gives a little more breathing room for chatting while playing with friends. There's not a lot of actual information about the game out yet, but we presume that you will be able to play with friends still using the game on their iPhone. Doodle Blast HD was announced as well, and it looks good. There's no doubt at this point that the iPad's App Store will have plenty of titles ready to go on day one.

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