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Mortal Online delayed another month


The world has shuddered to a halt today, as news of a delay for Mortal Online's impending launch hit stock markets and internet forums everywhere. Of course, perhaps it only felt like that to fans who have been eagerly awaiting this game for years at this point. Although the hardcore MMO was scheduled to launch in March, Mortal Online's Henrik Nystrom posted on the forums yesterday that technical issues were forcing an unfortunate yet necessary delay of an additional month:

"As you know we have been working hard to solve our desync issue within the game to have a proper release of Mortal Online. We have made some progress but we think we have hit the limits on the current version of the network solution we are using. We believed we had the solution before end of March but we now see that this is not possible at the moment therefore we have to postpone the release for another month. We have been working very hard day and night now for some years and finally started to see the goal and release, we just have to put another gear in before we are going to release Mortal Online. Thank you for your feedback and support that helped us to take this important decision.
We will announce a final release date at a later time."

You can read the full announcement on the Mortal Online forums, and stay tuned to Massively for upcoming first impressions and a firm launch date of this PvP title.

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