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Take-Two sending out Hot Coffee settlement checks


If you went through all the trouble of traumatizing yourself by unlocking the Hot Coffee stuff in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ... cha-ching! Take-Two, owner of publisher Rockstar, has started paying out the settlement for the class action suit filed in response to the discovery of hidden sexual content on the disc. Depending on what kind of documentation you submitted, you're due an amount between $5 and $35 -- or, for those of you who sent your first-edition discs in, a new copy of the game. Which, we'd imagine, is worth quite a bit less than $35 these days.

The settlement website notes that "All those who filed claims for benefits prior to the May 16, 2008, deadline will receive those benefits prior to April 15, 2010." Which means you can start planning where that $5 is going to go right now. Perhaps a nice cup of coffee?

[Via Kotaku]

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