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New Aion forums coming April 5

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you're a member of the official Aion forums, you've probably already heard the news that they're moving the forums to a new and improved vBulletin format. This means the addition of quite a few features, from the fun ones like custom titles and signatures to the more functional things such as a private messaging system and user control panel, but there's another important thing to remember during the transfer.

"Remember to save all your important threads! This way you can help us by transferring over anything in the current forums that has helped you so that when the new forums arrive, those threads and posts can help future members," is the message from the Aion community team.

So while you prepare to enjoy the new features, keep in mind that April 5th is the big day and back up your important posts before then to help jump-start the new forums.

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