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Nintendo accounts for nearly 25% of GameStop's new product purchased in fiscal 2009


Of the many, many games that GameStop sold in 2009 (not to mention the millions of dollars it made), we were left wondering where the lion's share of the game retail juggernaut's capital went in terms of product that the company was actually buying for its stores. And in a recent SEC filing for the last financial year, the company an unsurprising leader: Nintendo took the top spot, with 23 percent of GameStop's "new product purchases" in fiscal year 2009. Sony trailed in second place by only five less points at 17 percent, while MIcrosoft, EA, and Activision picked up 12, 12, and 11 percent (respectively).

The remaining 25 percent presumably belongs to various third party peripherals and game-related items available for sale in the retail chain's stores. That said, while over 41 percent of GameStop's sales come from new products (read: from the vendors listed above) over the 26 percent coming from used game sales, the vast majority of revenue is still very much coming from used game sales, and thusly, the company's number one vendor: you.

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