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Sprint Free Guarantee eliminates all traces of buyer's remorse within 30 day trial

Chris Ziegler

Sprint must be feeling pretty good about its chances against the big guys right now, because it's on the cusp of deploying the most comprehensive money-back guarantee policy in the industry -- a policy that erases every red cent you've spent to pick up service with them in the event you change your mind. Starting tomorrow, new customers will have 30 days to check out their Hero, Pre, Pixi, or whatever other device they happen to choose (no EVO 4G yet, sadly), and if they're not happy, a return to the store will trigger a refund for everything, up to and including the service plan charges, taxes, and fees you've incurred so far. AT&T and Verizon come close to Sprint's policy, but they stop short of refunding the plan itself and charge an activation fee if you take more than 3 days to return your goods, and T-Mobile -- long regarded the customer service king in this biz -- only gives you 20 days and won't even pretend to refund your activation fee. Will this trigger a domino effect of changes across the Big Four? We certainly hope so.

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