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Submerge yourself into Naval Assault: The Killing Tide

Kevin Kelly

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You're probably sitting around watching a rerun of The Hunt for Red October on cable right now, wondering aloud, "When are we going to see another decent submarine game?" You're even practicing your Sean Connery accent, which is good because, come this June, you'll have a chance to use it. 505 Games, who recently wowed us with both Backbreaker and Naughty Bear, are releasing Naval Assault: The Killing Tide on June 15 exclusively on the Xbox 360, just in time for a Submarine Summer.

The game is "arcade style" according to the press release, meaning you Silent Hunter fans aren't going to get all the realism you want. Instead you'll have to settle for the historically accurate naval warzones of WWII and " an arsenal of faithfully recreated U.S. Naval submarines." Those subs will be armed with torpedoes and a deck gun, the better to take out enemy subs, ships, and planes. Though there aren't any in the gallery below, this game had better involve some periscopes ... or else.

Gamers can play through the 30 solo missions after they launch from New York, or join three other players online for some multiplayer action.

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