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2K Sports is planning to support motion controls


An interesting landscape is starting to take shape out there, thanks to the fresh wave of motion-control technology coming to gaming this year: the PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Project Natal. And there's no other genre that calls for an immediate association to motion-control gaming than sports, right?

2K Sports' VP of Marketing Jason Argent recently talked with the[a]listdaily about the new tech and its potential for sports games. Argent confirmed that 2K Sports would in fact be employing the tech, though there's no time-line as of yet. Argent only offered that we all should "stay tuned" for more info.

For certain games -- hockey, baseball and boxing -- we'd say utilizing the tech makes sense, but how could it make for a fun football or basketball experience? Well, 2K Sports, forgive the pun but the ball's in your court.

[Via Industry Gamers]

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