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Breakfast Topic: Romantic entanglements have a Mass Effect

Dominic Hobbs

Note from Editor: Due to recent restructuring at Aol, the focus of has been deemed not niche enough. Thus, as of today, we shall now and forever more been known as Mass Effect Insider! Get your latest Shepard fix with our guides, analysis and breaking news from Bioware's best-selling game!

When Commander Shepard isn't stripping planets of all their resources or being a general galactic bad-ass, how better to whittle away the hours than getting to know the crew. Sure, most of them are only there because you pushed them into it, and they're not going to be happy about things until they sort out that "unfinished business" -- but hell, they can't all love you, right?

Well that may be true but you can certainly find yourself loving one of them. The romantic involvements available to Shepard provides some of the most hotly debated flavor choices in the game. So who's your fave squeeze? Who would you pursue if your choice weren't limited? Why do they make your heart pound?


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