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Dragon Age: Origins celebrates Feastday with DLC


You might be forgiven for thinking this was a joke, considering the calendar date, but no, apparently it's real. BioWare really has released $3 worth of downloadable content for the in-game Dragon Age: Origins holiday of "Feastday," which is what they call April Fool's in Ferelden. For $1.99 in real money, you can get a Feastday Prank pack or a Feastday Gift pack, consisting of 10 items each that will either decrease or increase your standing with the various characters in your party, and also provide some simple fun. Examples include a doggie cone that you can give to your Warhound, as you can see above, or an Alastair Doll that you can give to Morrigan to have her do some voodoo on your least favorite Grey Warden. No really -- this is real.

And the money you'll be giving them for this is real, too -- $1.99 (in each systems' requisite points format, of course) for either the Gifts or Pranks pack, or $3 for a Combo Pack with all of the items. On the one hand, sure, it's a bit of in-game fun for your Dragon Age characters. But on the other hand, BioWare, it's not quite as funny if you go and make your April Fool's gag, y'know, real. And then charge us for it.

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