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iPad Frenzy: Getting yours


If you're looking to pick up an iPad on Saturday without having pre-ordered or if you're concerned about your pre-ordered iPad arriving safely at your door, TUAW has some helpful updates for you.

Ignore your tracking data. Does your iPad tracking show that it is still sitting in China? Mine does. But according to Boy Genius Reports, your iPad is actually here and waiting under guard. They write, "Don't worry if your tracking info still shows the package hasn't left China, it's probably only 10 miles from you, sitting comfortably under the watchful eyes of Top Flight security."

On his Twitter account, Thomas from UPS agrees. He is busy reassuring freaked-out Apple customers that, in fact, the tracking information they're seeing on UPS's site is inaccurate. It doesn't help that Apple's Order Status system has been up and then down and then up again all morning.

Buying one on Saturday. Did you not order your iPad in advance? We called around to a number of Apple Stores today and spoke with representatives, all of whom confirmed that they will be receiving stock in addition to preorder stock. This stock will be sold on a first come, first serve basis using the same two line system (one reserved line, one drop in line) you saw back during the 3GS release. Any remaining reserved stock will be released at 3PM.

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