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Love Glue Gunnin': Lady Gaga-choo!

Dawn Moore

Every Thursday, Love Glue Gunnin' spotlights arts and crafts by Gaga fans from all over the world, including art, cooking, fashion, costumes, and music.

Spring is here, fellow monsters! That means new life is appearing in all its forms. But while many of us can happily enjoy the flowers and erratic weather, others dread spring as the arrival of allergy season. Fortunately for you, my debilitated darlings, we recently received this craft pattern from an avid reader, Gaglitter. Not only will it help you soothe your springtime woes, this free bitch box is a nice touch to the rest of your Gaga decor.

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Before you get started, you'll need to download and print out this pattern. I've taken the courtesy of customizing the pattern for Gaga Insider in a Telephone theme. Make sure to print your pattern onto a heavier stock paper so it's not shabby. After that assemble the following materials:

  • Tissue box, 4-1/2L x 4-1/2W x 5H"
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Glue stick
The first thing you'll need to do is measure the size; check box with a ruler so you know your pattern is the right size. If it's not correct, you'll need to adjust your printer settings until you get something close. It doesn't have to be perfect, so don't pull your curls out if you do. Something close like in the picture will do just fine.

After your pattern pieces are printed, start cutting it out along all the black and dotted lines. You can use scissors on all the straight lines, but for the top cut-out, use your craft knife. If you're a little monster, make sure to get help from your parents when cutting out the pieces!

Make sure to cut out the little boxes on the corner piece. This will let you fold and match the corners of your tissue box sleeve at the top. Also make the few small snips at the fold lines where the pattern designates.

Once your pieces are cut, you'll want to start folding. Use your ruler along the edges so you get a nice, straight edge. If you're the inept type who couldn't assemble one of those fortune tellers in grade school, don't fret. Try instead folding the edges along the side of a box to make it easier. Take your time while you do all this so you get a good finished product. Your pieces should look like this when you're done.

The next part is the trickiest. Carefully run your glue stick along the white edges of the pattern and then match the edges. It's easiest if you attach all the pieces to the top piece first, then match the sides. Again, take your time so you don't get any extra glue sticking to this or that. Gaga forbid you glue the thing to your pretty face.

When you're done gluing together the last edge, let the sleeve dry for about 20 minutes, so the glue sets. While you're waiting, mix up a martini, poison your latest beau, whatever you like to do to pass the time.

After the wait is up, slide it down over your tissue box. Open it up, pull out a tissue, and wipe away that single tear as you bask in the magnificence of Gaga. Enjoy!

Got your own GaGa Creations? Love Glue Gunnin' wants to know! Show us how you express yourself by e-mailing gluegun (at) gagainsider (dot) com.

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