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Massively introduces premium membership services

Shawn Schuster

If you're reading this now, chances are, you're a fan of We want to make sure your experience here is as deep and customizable as possible. For this reason, some important changes will be coming to Massively starting tomorrow.

With more advertising space and less post text on the front page, your eyes won't be bogged down with confusing layout issues. And with our new Premium Services shop, you get to choose the features you want on the site. Custom content for the next generation of gaming journalism!

These changes promise to bring more exclusive content, more hard-hitting interviews and more chances for you to express yourself through the Massively community. Follow along after the jump for more information on the new!

Our Premium Services shop not only allows you to choose the features you want, but it also provides us with the resources needed to improve our content year after year. If you're worried about monetary barriers stopping you from enjoying your favorite MMO news site, don't fret! We guarantee that all text will still be available to you 100% free of charge.

In addition, a revolutionary new advertising system will be put into place allowing more of the graphically-stunning banners that you've grown to love on other MMO news sites. Full-page ads, pop-ups, scrolling banners, mouse-over ads and click-through ads will be added, enhancing your browsing experience!

To help provide this premium content, we are offering three important options for all readers:

  • All Access Pass. This allows you to purchase all of our premium content with one low monthly fee. Ads will be reduced in size by 25%, allowing you to see more of the site!
  • On-site currency. If you'd like to customize your Massively experience, you can purchase our on-site currency known as Rubies. These Rubies can be purchased in our Premium Services shop at a current rate of 10 for $10.00 USD. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • 100% Free! That's right. It is still entirely possible to read from beginning to end without spending a dime. All text in posts and all images in ads will always be available to view for everyone!

List of features available monthly:

Comments Packs
(5 & 10 Rubies each)
To comment on Massively, you will now need to purchase these packs in lots of 50 or 100. Refunds will not be given on deleted comments.

Site Image Access (10 Rubies)
With this special purchase, all images on the site will be visible to you without restrictions for one full month!

Featured on One Shots (5 Rubies)
Our wildly popular One Shots feature is always a big hit in the MMO community, and now is your chance to jump into the spotlight! Your screenshot will be featured on a single edition of One Shots, including your very own randomly-generated backstory.

STFU Packs (10 & 20 Rubies)
With the STFU Packs, you can instantly remove any comments on the site that don't agree with your particular viewpoint. At the Silver level, deletable comments are restricted to those above and below your own. At the Gold level, any comment site-wide is fair game. These packs expire at the end of each month.

Interview Access (5 Rubies)
Not only can you read our exclusive interviews with this service, but you will also have the opportunity to have your own questions answered by top MMO developers!

Video Access (5 Rubies)
Between in-game guides and on-site interviews, we strive to constantly improve our video coverage at Massively. With this service, you will have the chance to view these exclusive videos yourself!


As a special pre-order bonus only available today, all readers who order an All Access Pass will get the Sera approved Flame Retardant Earmuffs* absolutely free!

So stock up on your Rubies today and head on over to our Premium Services shop to prepare yourself for a new and improved!

*Please note that earmuffs do not protect from actual fire.

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