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Motorola announces H17txt Bluetooth headset with MotoSpeak


Looking for another reason to wear a Bluetooth headset all the time? Then you might want to consider admitting you have a problem, or you might want to get Motorola's new H17txt model, which can be paired with the company's new MotoSpeak text-to-speech application to read text messages aloud as they come in. That software is available for Android and BlackBerry initially, and will apparently even translate 150 different commonly used acronyms so things like l8r don't get read as l, eight, r. As for the headset itself, it's a fairly standard affair, with it boasting CrystalTalk noise-canceling technology, five hours of talk time and seven hours standby, and Bluetooth 2.1 compatibility. Still no indication of a price, but it should be available through Verizon starting today.

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