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Muscle March introduction for first-timers

Tyler Caraway

Note From The Muscle March Insider Editors: We are going to pump you up with the biggest, gnarliest, most extremest video game news blog ever to parade about the internet in a too-small thong! Muscle March Insider is here, and no amount of self tanner can hide our awesomeness!

Muscle March is, without a doubt, the best game in gaming history since the history of video games. There are very few words that can describe the sheer level of awesome that this game contains, yet it has proven so far not to be a game for everyone. Many people in the world still have not experienced the joy that is Muscle March. To those lowly souls, I feel pity. Muscle March is the beefcake filling for the current void that exists in the flimsy gaming industry we have today.

Fear not, my friends, for we here at Muscle March Insider have got your backs, and we're pleased to have found this amazing video to introduce you to the sheer pleasure that this game brings to the world. Use some caution when viewing, as portions of the video may not be safe for work.

The first section of the introduction is truly epic! But remember, that is only part one, which highlights the first two encounters of the game. As you can plainly see here, this is no laughing matter. Muscle March is tough, and I mean TOUGH. Which is how it should be; after all, we don't want any wimpy games out there, do we?

With such madness, mayhem, and muscle going on the game, it is easy to see why this is one gaming revolution that has swept the world. The storyline has all of the classic elements which has drawn the gaming base towards it like soy to a burger. Nothing beats playing the dashing (and hulking!) hero as you venture forth on an epic quest for justice. There may not be a princess waiting for you in another castle, but who cares, when the game strays true to reality and offers a much more tangible award -- no, not the protein powder, but the sensational body that would rival Spartacus himself.

For all those eager beavers out there, yes, there is a part two! And yes, we've got it right here!

After viewing that, I'm sure that you're antsy to join the world of Muscle March just like the rest of us. So what are you waiting for? Go hop on your Wii, get into WiiWare, and download this puppy right now!

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