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New Xenoblade trailer has big swords, big battles


Xenoblade is a game that's had a very confused past -- it was originally called Monado: Beginning of the World, and then was rumored to have something to do with the old Xenosaga series (though apparently that's not true, even if both games were created by Monolith Soft). Nintendo's not even sure if it'll see release in the United States, and, unfortunately, this Japanese trailer (posted on Nintendo Japan's YouTube account and after the break on this post) doesn't do much to clear up any questions.

But it does have a couple of gigantic somethings (robots? aliens? xenomorphs?) dueling it out, as well as some screaming dude with lasers and a pretty impressive battle scene full of hacking and slashing and all of the other fun things you can do with a great big blade. A big Xenoblade, in fact. We still don't quite know what this game is or how it might be released. But we do kind of want it just a little bit more.

[Via Siliconera]

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