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Runes of Magic upgrades trading card system


While Runes of Magic is often dismissed as a straight-up World of Warcraft clone, that does a disservice to game features that march to the beat of a different Frogster. One such system is their monster trading cards, where defeated mobs have a chance to drop a special card that show statistics and details about each monster.

While these cards were mostly cosmetic up to this point, Runes of Magic is planning to both upgrade and expand the system with the Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms update this month. 48 new monster cards will be added to the game, which will increase the monster compendium to 800 foul beasts and critters. In addition, each monster card will now bestow attributes to the player, such as a boost to dexterity or strength. As such, demand for these cards will rise, which Frogster hopes will fire up player interaction as gamers trade for their most desired attributes.

The Chapter III update won't just focus on monster cards, of course. A huge number of additions to Runes of Magic will come packaged with it, including a level cap increase to 60, new areas, a PvP ranking system, new mini-games and the opportunity to get married in the game. Well, "officially" married, at least. Look for the update later this month!

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