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Smart Car's Smart Drive Kit for iPhone demonstrated (video)

Tim Stevens

Daimler hasn't had a sales success on its hands lately with its line of Smart cars, with sales festering after an initial boom. To try to re-capture the imagination of we smartphone-loving Americans with short attention spans, Smart unveiled the Smart Drive Kit last month and now, at the NY Auto Show, is giving it a proper demonstration. The iPhone app effectively takes the place of an infotainment system like Sync, including internet radio, navigation, and hands-free calling. It's all demonstrated in a video after the break, and it looks cool -- cool enough to even warrant $9.99 for the app and, maybe, the $49.99 annual fee for maps and navigation. What we still needing clarification on is whether that cradle will actually be priced at a ridiculous €240 ($326) and, if so, from which precious materials it has been crafted.

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