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Verizon Mobile Hotspot on webOS devices now free, Pre Plus and Pixi Plus fall to $49.99 and $29.99

Chris Ziegler

Whoa, we didn't see this one coming: Verizon just slashed the cost of its 3G Mobile Hotspot feature for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus all the way down to $0, effectively giving you a broadband modem for your laptop, iPod touch, and up to three other devices for $60 less per month than you'd pay with a MiFi that accomplishes exactly the same function (and $50 less than any other tether-capable Verizon handset). For some, this alone could be reason enough to take the plunge and become a webOS user, we'd wager. Here's Verizon's official statement on the matter:
"Customers who purchase or upgrade to a Palm Pre and Palm Pixi will get the Mobile Hotspot for free. Existing customers who already have the service will find charges on their next bill will be $0.00."
Add that in to the fact that the Pre Plus is now $49.99 and the Pixi Plus is now $29.99, both with buy-one-get-one-free deals tacked on, and yeah... what do you want to bet there are some wide smiles over in Sunnyvale this morning?

Note: This isn't an April Fool's joke -- try pricing a Pre Plus on Verizon's site and add the Mobile Hotspot feature at checkout.

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