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Breakfast Topic: The other half

Jon Bush

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how the other half lives? I don't mean your rich neighbor -- I mean that other faction. I must admit to a bit of curiosity, as I'm a die-hard Alliance player. I love gnomes and although my main is a spacegoat ("Oh, you have a shaman? Come heal!"), I've never been interested in most of what I consider to be rather unsavory Horde races -- but Tauren intrigue me. I really don't understand why they'd want to be with the Horde anyway, so I guess I need to roll one to find out.

What about you? Are you old-school Horde or true-blue Alliance? Are you one of the people who plays both? What led you to choose that faction or factions? Were you playing with friends or, like me, was that gnome just too cute? I'm sure there are as many reasons out there as there are players. Tell us why you rolled Horde or Alliance and if you've ever jumped ship and why. How did it go?

As for me, I'm off to roll up Supercow the intrepid Tauren warrior. Wish me luck!

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