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Catch TUAW's Mike Rose on FBN, Gadgets & Games


It's a busy media afternoon for Mike Rose; he'll be talking iPad live on Fox Business News at about 2:20pm Eastern today... along with a real, glass-and-unicorn-tears iPad. FBN is broadcast in HD on a cable or satellite system near you.

Fox News's online-only feed The Strategy Room will also be hosting an iPad special edition of Gadgets and Games with Clayton Morris this afternoon from 3-4 pm. Scheduled guests include the Chicago Sun's Andy Ihnatko, cnet TV's Natali Del Conte, NPD's Ross Rubin, Daring Fireball's John Gruber, Macworld's Jason Snell, and Mike. It looks like an exciting round table, and there's an accompanying audience chat via CoverItLive, so click on in.

Update: Check out Mike's appearances on Fox Business & Strategy Room after the break (QuickTime link for iPhone/iPad).

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