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Chevy Volt passes key production milestone, US government buying first 100?


The Chevy Volt has already passed quite a few significant milestones on the long road to production, and it's now crossed another big hurdle, with the first pre-production vehicles rolling off the line at the Detroit Hamtramck Assembly Plant. Those won't actually be sold, of course, but they are necessary to ensure that all the points in the production line are up to standards before the retail models go into production later this year. That's not only Volt news of the day, however, as the Obama administration has also announced plans to buy "the first 100 plug-in electric vehicles to roll off American assembly lines" next year, which would seem to leave the Volt as the only option. It seems that's not quite a done deal just yet though, with GM saying that while it's "pleased to see that the Federal government is interested in the greening of their vehicle fleet," it currently has "no further details regarding these purchases."

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