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First Look: Accordéon for the iPad


Here, at TUAW, we are all about the cool, the awesome, and the amazing, as well as the surreal. Accordéon for the iPad, a new App Store application, falls solidly into the latter category. Alex Komarov was kind enough to send over this video, showing the $3.99 app in action, complete with a text-to-speech voice over monkey. As fellow TUAW blogger Steve Sande put it, this video is "a really weird dream that you keep hoping you'll wake up from."

This application offers a virtual accordion playing experience, as its name implies. It has buttons, it has keys, and it leverages multitouch technology so you can press buttons and keys at the same time. No word on how you can "pump" the app, like you would a real accordion though.

For everyone who has held off on deciding to buy, waiting until an accordion app finally debuted, well -- you can rest easy now. The squeezebox has landed. On the iPad. With Accordéon, you'll be able to Weird Al yourself to new levels, both in major and minor keys.

I wonder if we can rent that monkey for some TUAW videos...

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