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WSJ iPad subscription sets you back $17.29 per month


You know that free Wall Street Journal iPad app that was introduced yesterday? If you want anything more than the top articles and basic market data you'll need to fork out US$17.29 per month. That's what an iPad WSJ subscription will cost you. That's $3.99 per week. Engadget is quick to point out that a subscription to both the print and online versions of the WSJ will only run you $2.69 a week. The Wall Street Journal is offering full access to the WSJ iPad app for free "for a limited time" to current subscribers of the print and online editions so technically, you can save $6 to $9 a month and get access to the full iPad app if you just sign up for their paper. It's that "for a limited time" that's iffy though. Does that mean one month or six?

We all know Murdoch loves the iPad, but man Rupert, you're entering a whole new category of digital distribution. Why price people out of wanting to try out the whole experience?

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