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Breakfast Topic: Titles

Brian Cutaia

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I'm a man who enjoys a good title reward. At 24 titles and counting, I have been forced to find creative ways to get the most out of them. Since I refuse to use a title rotator add-on, I've instead merged a few /settitle commands into some of my usual macros. Now when I lay down a Basic Campfire, I also become Chef Cutaia. When I'm forced to perform emergency first aid and bandage myself? Cutaia the Patient (you see what I did there). Each time I switch out my gearset, it comes with a new title, too. Crusader for ret, Loremaster for prot ... you get the idea.

Now, I've heard the argument that all titles should be difficult to get so that they can retain a sense of distinction. However, I place myself firmly on the opposite side of that debate.

Personally, I wish titles could be a bit more like the game's other collectables. Think of all the ways in which pets are obtained, for example. Some require a rare drop, while some come as achievement rewards. Some require hours of brain-melting bookshelf camping in Dalaran, and some are sold by vendors around Azeroth.

So does my beloved Kirin Tor Familiar suddenly feel less special to me when someone else drops an Orange Tabby Cat? Of course not. Similarly, I don't think any Scarab Lords are too concerned about the Great Jenkins Explosion of '08.

So why not add a ton of titles, even if that means that some will be "easy" to get? Don't worry. Everyone will still know that you're a force to be reckoned with when they see you pimpin' of the Alliance or The Light of Dawn. But for everyone else, more options just means more obsessive-compulsive fun to be had in amassing them all.

Personally, I'd like to receive a "Banker" title for auctioning more than 1,000 items or "Doctor" for completing all the first aid achievements. Champion of the Frozen Wastes could use an updated version, as well, that includes all the new bosses up to and including Halion. There could even be a title reward for obtaining 50 titles: The Titled! The possibilities make me giddy.

So I present a couple questions to you. What titles would you like to see added into the game? Are there any existing achievements you think deserve their own titles? Do you think titles should be reserved only for the completion of very difficult tasks? How come I couldn't think of an appropriate pun for the title of an article about titles?

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