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ESRB rates Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for PS2


Are you one of the few people who still need new content on the PS2? It looks like Sony may be reaching into the depths of its PSP archive to find more ports to bring to the aging console. The ESRB has appended its rating for Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow -- the latest (and arguably greatest) entry in Sony's stealth franchise -- with both PSP and PS2 as the listed platforms.

It seems to be quite a stretch to think that Sony would invest the time and money to release a PS2 port so late into the system's life cycle (we've contacted Sony and the ESRB, to be clear). And while Logan's Shadow is a terrific game, it's strange that Sony would want to port a game that is already nearly three years old. Perhaps that effort could be better used on creating a PS3 iteration of the franchise?

[Thanks, Matt S.]

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